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80s Fashion Trends 2012 Back So

The trend is going in in the year 2012 for male fashion, he would explain dominated collared shirt and pencil jeans model. As for women, apparently still dominated mini products DREs and leopard-patterned shirt.

"Actually, for your own Indonesian fashion trends always come back to a bygone era. 80s styles where men like to use a pencil pants underneath bud, likely return to be excellent. It's just the old model is combined with contemporary style by adding a few compositions in the model products, "said Denzer field Supervisor Store Banner Cyclone Asmara.

For women's fashion, he said not much different from the style of men. Where model clothes loose and torn clothes are very familiar '80s began to re-marketed at this time.

Aware of it, Denzer Medan which operates every day from 09.00 am until 21:30 pm, the market is consistently followed by presenting the latest products at least four items each month

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