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"Dance Offerings" and "Cheers Flour Fresh" typical Kepri

It has become customary resam Malay culture persandingan each receive guests or the bride in the wedding procession was greeted with dances and offerings are also a pat of fresh flour. The arrival of distinguished guests also equipped with banquet-laden relationship with the philosophical nuances of chewing betel nut and tap the flour fresh sign of thanks and gratitude in moments such as weddings, ride home, circumcision, and so on.

To the presence of uniformity in actions taken and further characterize the style of the ethnic Malays who bermaustin in Riau Islands province (Riau Islands) is the Riau Islands Tourism Department through LAM (Institute of Traditional Malay) Riau Islands has taken the initiative together to standardize offerings and Tap dance Flour typical Kepri Tawas. Based on the letter LAM No.82/LAM/Kepri/7/2010 on 30 / 6 and 5/7-2010 meetings were held with relevant parties to immediately standardize dance Kepri the typical offerings. It said Abdul Razak's Malay community, especially the islands have a diverse cultural traditions and abundant so it needs to be preserved for future generations. Expected, although in every regency / city in Riau Islands alone have characteristics, values ​​and different profiles because that was the need for uniformity.

Meanwhile, Governor of Riau Islands HMSani ratification dance offerings at the event some time ago in the Office of the Governor who also attended the Mayor Tg.Pinang Suryatati A. Manan, said the Malay culture is a force in the Riau Islands. Not only for tourism elicits only, but also can build a spirit of togetherness, relegius, tolerance and brotherhood to find the identity as a Malay tribe essential.

The same thing is said to M. Isaac, Kadisbudpar Kab.Lingga. For that it will pro-actively and urgently hold a workshop or a kind of traditional dance training that is expected to have the same enthusiasm from the art studios that exist in each district. In the near future each district is asked to send one participant (group) which will also be given a set of tools support the arts. "It's like a dance includes henna, drums, martial arts and so on so that this cultural preservation can go hand in hand with the progress of time," he said.

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