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Nude Photos, Lindsay Lohan paid Rp 9 M

Nude Photos, Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan paid handsomely to appear openly in Playboy Magazine. Lohan paid $ 1 million dollars, or approximately USD 9 billion of these adult men's magazine. The photo was made ​​public a number of curious.

Many are wondering what kind of photos that Lohan will be the January issue of Playboy magazine cover or February next year. However, neither Lohan nor stingy Playboy party talk. They want to make a surprise.

However, unfortunately, one of several Lohan nude photos for the magazine bearing the rabbit had been leaked on the internet first. In the photograph, the artist who is familiarly called Lilo is seen sitting in a chair-shaped red rabbit.

He appeared "plain" just wearing high-heeled black shoes. Her blonde hair loose section adds this former child star. Important parts of his body covered seats.

Playboy party was sure to bring Lilo in their magazine will be an attraction and a high selling price and its own controversy. Therefore, to promote it, Lilo willing to reveal the naked pictures on the show Ellen DeGeneres Show. Mean Girls star will perform on Dec. 15 at the show.

Lilo himself who chose to speak at the event. After that, he would not accept interviews from the event or any other media about the photographs syurnya. NET

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