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Serve 8 Members of the Board, Young girl Prostitutes Unpaid

Six teenager forced to serve men secured johns Indonesia Commission for Child Protection Areas (KPAID) Riau Islands and the NGO Anti-Trafficking Movement (GAT) from the lodge Pelita Jaya Kusuma, Sunday (4 / 12) at 23:00 pm. They claimed to have served eight legislators Batam.

Reveal the presence of six teenagers, is a continuation of efforts to dismantle prostitution ring involving students and young women who investigated police since last week. Earlier, police had secured four people. One is the ZFM, vocational school students in Seraya, who act as pimps.

Six teens who secured KPAID is Ln (16), Jn (17), Dl (17), Uk (18), Tn (16), and Krz (15). All are graduates of junior high and not in school anymore. They come from Batubesar, District Nongsa. The six young women were admitted to serve eight legislators Batam, but not paid.

"We still remember their faces. If each member of the Council met again, I would remember," said Mr., Uk, and Jn.

"They just give us a pill, but did not pay. They played live alone," they said.

Tn, Uk, and Jn eight legislators to serve Batam Planet disco in the VIP room in Nagoya Newtown. Initially, the group anggoya Council, amounting to nine people, bringing Mr., Uk, and Jn, from his lodgings at Pelita Jaya Kusuma to accompany them. After chatting 15 minutes, nine people invited to the foodcourt to eat together. Finished third meal ABG invited to discotheques.

In the third disco ecstasy pill young girl is fed by nine members of parliament. They were unconscious. After that they brought to the hotel room. Once rotated nine people, three ABG was only given a blank sheet of paper and left it alone in a room in a state of disarray.

"We realized when she woke up that night, and I see not the money but the money-sized sheet of paper cutouts. Of the nine men, one who claims not a member of parliament, said his name Y. Y, which legislators Batam eight companions," said the three.

They secured thanks to information from Rian, Ln uncle, who lost her niece since two weeks ago. Rian said, she initially worried after reading the Batam Pos as saying many ABG sold to satisfy lust. Because, already two weeks, did not return home Ln.

"Brother I'm afraid there is nothing with him. So I was looking for. Can the info from his friends when my nephew Ln, turn out to have a gathering place in Seipanas," said Rian.

Once checked into a gathering place, no one else seems teenagers there. The search was a dead end, Rian was going back to the parent Ln. Soon, there was one friend who says Ln is now often seen at the inn at Pelita Jaya Kusuma.

Ln order would be picked up, Rian was trapping nephew play it through a friend of Ln. Once the SMS by his friend that he would come to the room at the inn that the rent per day Rp60 thousand, let Ln.

Get info like that, Rian immediately thought that his nephew must have plunged into the world of prostitution. He immediately drove with six of his friends from the NGO GAT and KPAID.

Arriving at the inn, the receptionist told Ln rented room number 205. Knock on the door, open it directly Ln. He was shocked, because that comes not his friend, but his uncle with six people from NGOs and KPAID.

In the room, was not only Ln. There are three friends who are all women ABG namely, Dl, Tn, and Krz a joke anymore. They immediately told to tell and all claimed to want to go home and do not want to be prostitutes.

"I immediately took them all. No time to get out of the inn, one of the comrades who took part we carry Ln admitted there are still two more friends who suffer the same fate in room 201 of Uk and Jn. Before picked up, it turns out Uk already out of his room with an ABG the man who allegedly her boyfriend. We immediately brought Uk. While her boyfriend chose to go. Moderate Jn was already home to his parents' house in Batubesar, "said Rian.

They were then taken to a house Enchantment Villa Asri housing, owned by Henry, SLV parents who are also victims of trafficking.

Meanwhile, Jn, picked up at his house. Having explained to his parents, and his own confession Jn, Jn finally allowed to join with five friends.

Asri Villa Enchantment At home, they all told to confess her pimp, who is the current Tania fugitives, to serve him a philanderer.

Ln, newly escaped from his home two weeks ago a child who refused to work as prostitutes. However, he did not dare refuse. Therefore, there is a threat from her pimp will hit if you do not want to serve.

"There's no way we would not, there already exist om-om a large body of three people. I was so scared and obey what the ruled people who pay for the accompanied sleep," he said with tears in his eyes Ln.

Not only that. Besides being forced to serve men johns, Ln fifth friend at the inn with Jaya Kusuma, also sent to the disco Planet II Nagoya Newtown to serve the customer.

Once had sex, they get money for Rp1 million. "But not everything for me, still needs to be cut to make 150 thousand aunt Tania," continued the fifth victim.

According to the girls, they know Tania just three days. In raids yesterday, in addition to securing all the victims, KPAID also get a number of men who are victims girlfriend.

Acting police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner John Widodo Barelang appealed to all parents and teachers to better supervise their children because the people closest to the parents. "Because the victims are children to school, then the most important role of teachers and parents," he said.

John will work closely with the school and the Education Department to conduct a thorough investigation of this problem so that teaching and learning activities returned to normal.

He will develop the first case is whether there are other victims in addition to the six people who have been examined. "Victims will divisum first, and made another development," he said. (Gas/cr16/fuz/jpnn)

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