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Tips toxins in the body when we eat poison or drugs

tips menawarkan racun dalam tubuh ketika kita keracunan makan atau obat-obatanSometimes certain foods can be toxic in the body, especially foods that are kaduluarsa, food contaminated by certain substances, food prepared with mixtures that are not suitable for consumption or foods not processed properly, causing kercunan if someone took it.

Well if one day we are inedible food as above that cause our bodies to do the most appropriate toxicity when it is drinking coconut water because coconut water is capable of menetralisi toxins that caused the food we eat afterwards immediately take medicine to cleanse all the toxins that so as not harmful to our bodies.

Young coconut water is very fast reaction to intercept and neutralize toxins caused by food and is also useful to neutralize if we poisoned drugs (chemical drugs) such as eating the wrong pills, eating too many pills or pills that have been causing overdose kaduluarsa


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