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Ways or Tips for teenagers in determining school

Ways or Tips for teenagers in determining schoolSo that we the parents do not either determine our school for the school will continue the good high school (SMP) or secondary (high school, vocational school, STM, etc.) or also to the college level or period. then we must note in which our youth will menentukkan schools:
1. Consider the interests and talents of our children, point them and adjust to their wishes and let us not force our will.

2. If you've met at school who want to make sure the school had its own building, strategic location, comfortable and quiet. Schools that have a clear vision and mission

3. Pay attention around the school environment because the environment can affect the nature of our children are going to school in the area.

4. Try to select the school with complete facilities and learning can customize the development of education, schools that have programs that are clear and structured learning and creative in delivering learning to the students, teachers have a professional, has a high work ethic, creative, honest, and skilled and discipline are straightforward and not rigid

5. If you can usahakah schools that have an extensive network of cooperation with various parties that could support the process of good and quality education for our youth.

Hopefully the tips in determining the school for our youth (our children) can be entered for the parents who puny teenager who will continue their higher level of


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