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Early Detection of Disease Children with handphone

Early Detection of Disease Children with handphoneMOM is not worried about where their children sick, but sometimes to detect the disease is rather difficult and confusing children, especially babies who are only able to cry. But it will be answered by a software program Childhood.

Inspired by the needs of health personnel, especially midwives, four students Telkom Institute of Technology (ITT) created the program in handpone hardware. Hardware program which consists of 10 vitur was created by Students of ITT, they are Agun Mekaluhur, 21 (Computer Engineering), Audrin Kania, 21, (Engineering Informatics), Argan KA Yahya, 21 (Engineering Informatics) and Dodi Qori Main (Engineering Informatics ).

They managed to represent Indonesia diajang Imagine Cup International in the USA, some time ago, and the only team who managed to escape to Indonesia diajang world finals of Indonesia.

Although not a champion, the team with the name of Billy Glass was proud citizen of Indonesia, the article by the findings of all mothers can detect early disease or for her children.

With a program named Childhood or the child's childhood, a mother can detect the disease since early childhood. Ditekni easy it can be done again by cell phone.

"Detection via mobile phones is by using a special device that we keep in the program by utilizing the mobile phone signal. With the mobile phone closer to bangian child's body, then the signal is in the phone will change, if the child is sick then the mobile phone's signal will be unstable, but if not ill, on the contrary, "said Kania, who met Radar Bandung (Group JPNN), at ITT, yesterday (28/11).

Self diagnosis is one vitur of Childhood, there are 10 vitur offered ITT students, such as fertility or the level of dehydration diteksi children, through saliva images.

"His name Ferning Saliva, ie tests using saliva images transmitted through our program and our diagnosis, whether we are in the fertile period, and whether or not dehydrated," he added.

The program is by reading the image saliva, because saliva type has different pictures and could be as early detection. "Sometimes we do not know if our children are dehydrated or not, with this we can know what level of dehydration of our children," he explained.

Also in the program there is also vitur Childhood nutrition Nutrionational detection status, which is to meliohat Phychal grouth how kebuhuhan and children and child development "It's like a guide and hints and tips for parents who want to know the rate of growth and also for her children," he explained .

There is also, a reminder to schedule vaccinations and child nutrition calculation or find out how many children's nutritional needs through diet by the number of abortion. "We also provide vitur SC Scen, or medical tests through the eyes. This could be to detect tuberculosis, hemaglobin, liver. This by taking a photo of someone eyes but with the right light, "he explained.

The next Viture the disease alerts, or areas that will inform the location we live in whether epidemic or not. Next Food Alert, which tells you what foods not consumed by children 1-3 years.

"We also added tips and tricks for mothers to their children's growth can be good, otherwise we give the address nearest doctor if the child was sick," said the other fellow adds.

He mentioned a program that does not mean a mother does not need medicine, but rather the form of early warning. "We hope this can help mothers everywhere," added Kania. (Yat)

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