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Info on the most popular games in Indonesia

Info game terpopuler di Indonesia seem to tire of writing about games, both calm info download games, the latest game info, game info to mobile phones or mobile phones as well as info-info about online gaming. Because I myself do like to play games to eliminate kesuntukan me and it's not always wrong when I wrote just sharing info for visitors to my blog.
Okay, the info on the most popular games in Indonesia as I quoted in news portals seconds, which wrote that the games below are the most interested people in Indonesia are:

- FPS or First Person Shooter, such as Counter Strike or Point Blank. Counter Strike is one of the most widely played game during the game trend emerging around the center of the 2000s.

- RPG or Role Playing Game: genre is quite popular among the gaming Indonesia, ranging from the classic RPG games like Final Fantasy, to MMORPG such as Ragnarok Online

- Real Time Strategy: WarCraft or DotA for example, the type of game is also popular in Indonesia, with many community and competition type game

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