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Raft as Netbook To School Kepri By SMKN 1 Tanjungpinang

Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah TerbaikSMKN 1 Tanjungpinang was also outstanding. Students at this school is assembling netbooks, PC computers and infocus for schools throughout the Riau Islands.

"For 2011 we did 103 students yesterday netbook units, 46 PC computers and 14 LCD infocus. All of which will be given to schools in the Riau Islands, "said Asmaniar, Chief smkn 1 Tanjungpinang, Wednesday (25 / 1).

There are six schools receiving students SMKN a result of these assemblies. Three schools in Tanjungpinang, ayitu SMKN 2, 4 and SMK SMK Development. Also two other schools in Karimun and one school in Natuna.

The number of assemblies have dropped substantially from the year 2010 and then, that as many as 228 units of netbooks. In 2010, there were 43 schools around the Riau Islands which received a netbook SMKN a student assembly.

At that SMKN 1 being the only partner of the Directorate of Vocational Guidance, for the assembly of netbooks in Riau Islands. Batam now been able to assemble their own, so the number of netbooks that do students SMKN 1 Tanjungpinang be reduced.

In addition, current students based on Scout Road has also been able to create a learning program using a computer. Where, teachers no longer need to be in class but still be able to explain the lesson.

"So if there is no teacher, students can still learn. Because it can be a voice teacher who was teaching. That all students of the program here, "explains Asmaniar. Did not end there, the expertise of students SMKN 1 has also been recognized in the world of work.

In fact, students of this school has been the target banks in Tanjungpinang. The school also conducted a survey in the corporate world and the industrialized world (Dudi). Dudi at 99 percent, satisfied with the performance of the students.

"Even if there are some whose work is less satisfying, but covered them with a good attitude, diligent and willing to learn," said Asmaniar. Schools with six programs are all accredited skills A, also has a number of businesses that generate.

For 15 units of rental costs alone canteen, the school every month produces about USD 8 million. Not to mention the rental hall, which in a year could generate at least $ 30 million.

In the future, the school will generate business minimarket. Especially now available stores, from provincial grants. Unfortunately the shop in Jalan Basuki Rachmat it can not be used.

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